Friday, June 17, 2011


The lovely PTA have approved $1500 for laptop pods trolleys/cows.
I have searched the net high and low and can't find any!!!
We have 8 laptops that need storage... I'm looking for hard wearing metal, weather proof cows- either two trolleys 5 and 5 or similar.....
Any ideas anyone?????

cool counter

My kids love being given a time limit to complete things, they also work very well on a time limit!
My student teacher found this online time BOMB last week
Here is the link, give it a try :o)

Issues.....who has tissues.....

Anyone else having problems commenting on Blogger???
I have been trying to reply to a comment and even when i'm signed in it just takes me back to the login page.... after signing in 3 times and doing a word verification on MY OWN BLOG! I give up!!!!
B1 my comment to you was....... "Smarty Pants"
Very professional lol