Friday, June 22, 2012

Cool sites and links

Maths Links- Totally forgot about this cool site! and Jet Ski addition Great free resources for teachers to take away the time searching for "stuff" ( and a fun one: build your wild self! mutt maker on animal planet for descriptive writing.
BJ shared Blog to comment on and link BDS

Dear Abby
Issues with CM in the cloud for BDS :o( discussion for e-asttle.

Cloud Computing- Why do it? Cost? Options?
EPS- stored email at Gmail- Using Google you can share apps/docs etc so you can have all shared documents like timetables and planning online and you can share them. Kids can get a dashboard- webpage- blog- spreedsheets-surveys etc

Mobile Learning at EPS-
ipad- Voice Plus Application- read story and check pace etc- "change voice for fun- underwater for example.
Zombie Maths- blow up the zombie before it get to the cannon.
Puppet Pals- Read a story and get your charachers to act it out
Dictation/italk/voice memo/word wizard/etc
Comic Life-Spella- word avalanche(free)
Maths game- Star School (Times Rap)
Reading stories
I-pods- much like the ipad- 8 per class so can run a group.
Maths Bingo- word hangman

A very cool day and look at some fabulous apps... guess who wants an ipad now........