Thursday, August 12, 2010

ICT Lead Teacher Day 11/08/10

What a fabulous hands on day!
The morning started with watching one of B1's famous funny/inspiational you tube clips... this week, an inspiring woman in her 100th year using an ipad... I kid you not! An ipad!
We then got into our school teams to discuss our action plan for ICT/Inquiry and review this year to date and our next steps (very productive).
We spend some time looking at the plan for our milestone 5 report in our teams which was very clear and gave us an insight of what to expect in the report and the evidence we need to collect.
We had a devine morning tea made by B1 herself (Need that recipe for the spanich and feta creaps btw) and bach into school teams to discuss the difference between Inquiry teaching and action research.... OMG we had SO MUCH FUN making a presentation. We did ours on The Big Bang Theory. Collecting photos of Sheldon typing in his journal and teaching Penny the difference between Inquiry learning and action research and being a reflective practitioner. It was great fun and really nice to do something productive with collegues and have the time to enjoy it!
Our presentation isn't quite finished... we want to tweak a few things, but i'm sure when you see it, you'll understand why we enjoyed this hands on process :-)
Thank you Belinda- You think you worked us to the bone, but you kept us busy and on task... I had a fabulous day!
Until next time... B-)

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Belinda said...

I don't know what I'm more happy about - that you had a great time at the workshop OR that I've been promoted from B2 (yuck) to B1!!! Your group's presentation was AWESOME and it was obvious to all that you were having loads of fun. And lots of fun usually means lots of learning!!!