Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Very impressed at how blogging has taken off in BDS- We love http://www.fodey.com/! All classes now have a blog- now I just need to make sure they are regulary updated- A way i'm trying to that is to set commenting as part of homework- and getting the kids to visit other class blogs and leave a positive comment.
Tonight we're showing our Solo maps from class- looking forward to grabbing more ideas x


Belinda said...

I see the fire is still burning strong B2!! I like the homework idea for comments. Are they visiting each other's blogs much or are they still sticking mostly to their own? You've reminded me that I haven't sent out that email asking the other cluster schools to update the blogroll on our wiki. How did the SOLO map sharing go? What ones are you working on at the moment?

Miss S said...

Hi gorgeous B! Currently working on cause and effect map... going well :o)
Yes please- we want lots of blogs!
Kids love our blog- I just moderated 8 comments since yesterday!!
At the moment the mission in to make at least one comment on rm20 and one on rm 17- I did this because I knew Briar has lots to comment on. Next week- it's comment on all middle syndicate- followed by the rest of the school. So whats up with you?? so have to catch up soon missy x

Anonymous said...

Am finally using fodey.com with class. One post on the blog already. I used it also to do a post on my blog as my comment. Then got interested in the talking animation.