Wednesday, May 18, 2011


A very successful day today! Although ive just posted the minutes so i'll talk about what's been happening in room 20.

First of all I suggest you visit our class blog... we are so proud of our progress!
Tomorrow L and I are making a presentation for the staff.

Yesterday the kids used and created 3 advertisements for our BDS garage sale this Sunday. Another thing i've been using in class is google translator for my little asian boy who has no English. I am able to ask questions and communicate with him using this fabulous tool! Yesterday I typed up in english our class model of our story based on a house fire and  he could read it in chinese and then draw a picture related to the story! Very very cool tool.

Sites we're trying over the next few weeks include: link to comic builder create a class login and use for comic building skills.
Art Rage , check to see if BDS can still use it- I forgot how cool this was!!
Smile box- for photo sharing and scrap booking.
Tagxedo- like wordle in shapes free posters for teachers spell a picture

The lead teachers were very impressed by BDS and how far we have come in SOLO/Inquiry and ICT in general. It was lovely having a walk around the rooms.

We enjoyed a lovely morning tea and lunch together and it was nice to just have a great chat and catch up on life in general.
Looking forward to our next lead teach day, will link our presentation from staff meeting once it's completed and  when i manage to find that photo shop site i'll link that too!!

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