Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Student Lead interviews

In week 2 this term we had Parent Interviews, a 3 way interview driven by students. At the interviewWe discussed the reports, students shared their work, goals and achievements with their parents. The parents were encouraged to be active in their students learning and discuss student learning and goals openly. This was very positive! Parents were amazed to see the amount of work that the students do in class. Not alot of discussion was needed between parents and teachers as the reports were so informative.
At the end of each term we sent books home for parents to sign and leave a positive comment- this is just a snapshot of the work students do! I love watching the kids show of all their hard work, they are so proud :o)

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Belinda said...

Sounds like the three-way interviews resulted in some amazing learning conversations between parents and their children. We are constantly amazed by the things our students are able to share with their parents at our conferences but we are still struggling getting the parents to trust what the kids have to say about their achievement and next learning steps!