Friday, December 2, 2011

Lead Teacher Day- GOOGLE!

We started off chatting about Google
Google has so much to offer!

Blogs, Gmail, Google sites (own webpage), Earth, Maps (street view) Docs, spread sheets, surveys (FORMS), Presentations (like powerpoints)Drawing, Table (Beta), Collection

Google Education requires a school email address and stays in "Botany" domain- it comes with a Gmail address and it is all monitored by you the teacher. The students have their own Gmail address linked to yours.

Kids can have individual blogs (No AGE limit in Google Education!) They can have Google pages- for assignments- like their very own web page.

You as the teacher can manage and monitor all students work- so it help with Cyber- Safety.

Google Page can be linked, you can upload photos etc.

You can have a teacher dashboard (it's not free) its $4 per student per year, it can be part of the activity fee.

You can do all teacher planning, LT plans etc. If you leave the school or something happens- you can always access work in the shared place.

ICT help desk- is a Google FORM.
Accounts, Assett Register and School Charter all in Google!
Teacher Goals- Appraisals- notes filled in all year

** Super Clubs Plus- Is run by Telstra- Its about Cyber Safety- it's a social networking Site (like Fcaebook) but it promotes cyber safety. There is an monitoring system
The school send off an application- they accept you, You send them a spreadsheet of names and they add the kids and send them each a password. Its FREE!!!! They answer cyber safety questions, earn medals and use the points to decorate your page. :o)

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