Friday, September 14, 2012

Lead Teacher Day 14 September 2012

Another successful day with the girls!
We started the day off playing with Ipads- such fun! I managed to make my first ibook ever (about B1 and B2- Dora the explorer- Garrisons and living happily ever after!) unfortunately we couldn't upload it. I also had a play on puppet pals. I made a very funny skit about me going to the ball with the handsome prince.

We had a yummy morning tea (Thanks SPS) and made our way to BBI.

BBI was very informative- the main focus was on google teacher dashboard and student reflections on inquiry learning online.
I found this hear sitting and listening to- I thought alot of it was over my head as I only use google docs, emails (in ICT cluster only) and blogspot- a whole school initiative we have going at BDS.
Another thing I loved is the thought of "bring your own divice" so kids must use ICT ofr 50% of the time.
Will this work in primary schools?- Can we teach a skill where kids on on different divices?
I love the things BBI offers- I cannot believe the wonderful opportunities our kids have today!

We returned to SPS to have our dear Abby and blog reflections.

Looking ahead to an EXPO- April holidays- looking at the one towards the end- as the learning is fresh in peoples minds and they can hit the geround running at the beginning of the term instead of relaxing and forgetting.--> Hope I can go!!!

Another successful day and I'm looking forward to the next one at B1's house :-)

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