Thursday, November 12, 2009

School Magazine

Wow! What a nightmare yesterday was working on the school magazine! Every class in the school did a class page to contribute to the school magazine. Many did it in word...As we copied their page from word to publisher it would only select one item at a time, it took us all day to re design class pages into publisher. Did you know you had to lock photos into word once you had pasted them? Neither did we! Next year we're asking all staff to become familiar with publisher and we'll just select all...go to the lovely box at the bottom of the page to pick up the whole page and insert it into publisher... oh the things we learn...the things we learn!
Room 20 are just about to blog their sleeping beauty stories... but none are quite ready yet, so yay i get to do my very first post!! They LOVE my new blog, especially the girls...even the boys were impressed Speak soon <3 Busy Busy Busy Bridget :-)


Belinda said...

Wow - seriously impressed Bridget. Sounds like you have working like a trojan but still had time to blog. What a legend ... Popping over to your class blog now!

Ms F said...

Good on you, great to see you on blogger and your blog still has a bit of pink on it! Well done with your magazine effort, there was talk of a possible Year 5/6 magazine at SPS so would be interesting to see what your thoughts are on a school mag. What year do you teach???

Miss S said...

Kids love the magazine, so do the parents.... its alot of hard work, but total satisfaction when you see their faces. Loving the pink on my blog :-) Are you going to Rotorua L@S?