Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Getting Organised

Yippee!!! I'm well underway with a new filing system at BDS for ICT! I love stationary :) I have different coloured folders... and i'm in the middle of creating "How to" sheets for systems at the school, passwords, contacts etc... This will help who ever steps into ICT... incase i get hit by an ice cream truck (Touches wood!)to continue running it smoothly.

Ive also extended the "how to" sheets into programmes used in class... so teachers and ICT expert students can use them and photocopy them.

Just need ALL staff to pull together and create a how to sheet on the programme they work confidently in..... hmmmm there lies the tricky bit... no response from my email even after asking ever so nicely :-(

Looking forward to the cluster share tomorrow... my speech is all prepared!


Ms F said...

Sounds good, I am a how to sheet fan as well! I have made some for Kid Pix, Photostory, Creating a Voki for a blog, Importing and deleting photos from digital cameras if you want them you're welcome. I can email you?

Miss S said...

Oh My goodness yes please! I'd love that :-) Ive made a few also that I will email back to you. YOU ROCK x my email address is bridgets@botanydowns.school.nz