Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A variety of ideas for grouping children

Year Level
Birthday month (continum)
Cards with stickers
Favourites- chocolates- All the people who chose a picnic go together
Things that go together
Animals (All the people who own dogs, go together)
Ability groups- experts....
across teams/with in teams
decades you were born
coloured cars- all the people with a red car..
favourite food
Name badges- different stickers on the back
Walk in an area... call out numbers- "2" find a buddy, 5... grab groups of 5 etc
Jigsaw-- Pictures- piece them together
letters to make a word- words written on board
colour groups
Continums height/ability/birthday month etc
Animals pictures: Make the animal sounds- find the group that makes the same sound....
Pillow case over head- sensory- find the animal making the same sound...
Self selected/ Teacher selected
Table groups
Match the celeb

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