Thursday, February 25, 2010

Derek Wenmoth- Top 10 Trends 2010

Top Ten trends 2010

Derek Wenmoth discusses elearning "activities from exploring the innovative use of the latest technologies and researching elearning practices, to helping establish policy and strategies to enable the implementation of elearning" L@S definition

1.Internet capable mobile devices for learning (netbooks, phones- Used for learning)

2. 2. Ubiquitous Learning-
Learning anytime, anywhere, anytime! I pod touch, wireless, home/school/community all become learning environments.
3. Cyber Citizenship
What are the issues? Look at the modeling and connection… Kids are growing up in a digital world… you can’t stop it! (CONFIDENT/SAFE/RESPONSIBLE) Shift the FEAR FACTOR!
4. Digital Literacy
What are the required skills/knowledge and literacy’s needed?
5. Open Education Resources
Unlimited online resources… no waiting time, it’s at your finger tips! Check out wiki educator (J )
6. Cloud Computing
Once you’re on the network, you’re in such high speed…. What would it be like to not have all the infrastructure? It’s coming soon!maintaince/disaster recovery/back up/updates//back ups/storage
Google docs/Google Mail/ etc…. all cloud computing (Commerical, communications, educational, administration)
COMMON SERVICING! LMS--à LIBRARY SYSTEM---à STUDENT RECORD SYSTEM (BDS have all of this! Yes even the air con!
Check out 8 ways cloud computing might change schools… GOOGLE CLOUD COMPUTING
Cloud Computing Explained…
7. Learner Experience
LOVED this workshop!!!!!
Very interesting I wish I could have stayed to get the last 3 Key points… but my laptop battery was going to die in 3 mins…. And the plug in the conference room didn’t work!!

ARGH Crumbs… but please check out Derek’s blog… and I’ll grab the L@S information from it as soon as it hits the sites

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