Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Learning@Schools Rotorua Pam Hook- Solo Taxonomy

"Hooked on Thinking"
Learning to Learn
Solo Taxonomy incorporates what we currently do in the classroom including all thinking skills and questioning skills that normally stand alone, and link it together to get a deeper understanding. Students are able take ownership of their learning, show "top end performance" by looking at all angles of their inquiry.

Prestructural- No Knowledge
Uni Structural- Know limited informational- yes or no answers
Multi Structural- Knows multiple things
Relational Can relate information and make links
Extended Abstract- Can generalise and think outside the square (complex, think of something as a whole and take it apart-change it)

A great way to interact with the person next to you and go through the steps of solo taxonomy. We were asked to explain to the person next to us "our super hero" and work through the stages.

Goldilocks and the three bears...

Whose house did Goldilocks go into?
What are the 3 aspects about the way the bears live...
Goldilocks does horrible things... what kind of person is she?
Why do nursery tales allow animals to act in a human fashion?

Learning to learn
1. Learning process
2. Learning Language
3. Learning Interventions
4.Learning Pedagogies

(See wikispaces for These Presentation Notes)

BLOOMS TAXONOMY is THINKING.... it is not focussed on learning outcomes...

What do Primary school students do???
Use words
- give them the language of learning!

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