Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Put Yourself in the Picture- Breakout 2

Put yourself in the picture is a FREE software!!!! It is an image and photo editing software for computers that run windows.

Why use it???

It covers ALL the key competencies! Thinking, Relating to others, Participating and contributing, managing self, Language symbols and texts.

Yes I said it covers it all!

Reconstruct your favourite nursery rhymes... get kids to write text to match the image... take photos of doors when knocking on the door a forest when walking through the forest... you could even add in your "paint pictures onto of the images.... or just use paint to create the whole image!

I have a CD that you are welcome to use... its all ready to go, with images to play around with and everything!

We had a look around what other schools have been up to with I love FLAT Stanley, an introduction to school life... blogging, friends, classroom location, school trips etc... its a great way for parents to see what happens in classrooms and a great way to include children who are not allowed in photos.... Stanley could take their place, and the children wont miss out.

Loved the Te Tiri O Te Waitangi using "flash" to reconstruct their understanding of early New Zealand... alot of research goes into these presentations alot of thinking, learning, reflecting and sharing is involved before you can present your ideas.

I'm off to play!!! Will post my image shortly xoxox

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