Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Engaging Community Through Digital Story Telling

Digital Story Telling
Audience- Who are you creating the digital story for? Parents? Whanau? Children? Teachers? Schools? wider community?
Why? Purpose? To engage parents in curriculum? or to enhance oral language?
Content: "A story should be remembered for its soul, and not the bells and whistles" The content of the story is the MOST essential
Voice: Whose voice is heard? the voice of children, family and teachers.
Technology: Using a variety of technological tools to create and publish and publish digital stories.
Connections: Using digital stories to make connections. Stories connect people. (Blog, Email etc)

Very informative, great interaction, a friendly, bubbly presenter, loved this class! I'm off to play AGAIN :-) Can't wait to share this with the BDS staff xx

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