Sunday, February 28, 2010

Reflection On L@S

I Loved this conference... It was my goal to attend workshops that used resources readily available and i could implement into the school asap.
I have done a power point presentation with Anna to share with the staff using Kid Pix. We had a fabulous time!
I enjoyed my breakouts (although one (The games we play) I arrived at 11am had changed locations- to Novatel and the bus had left :-( So I decided to gate crash a key note on top ten trends.... I loved it!!)
I managed to get get alot out of this conference.... I'm looking forward to sharing it with the staff.
We decided (Margaret, Anna and I) That the breakout "Put Yourself in the Picture"... would work better if senior children learnt it and went to teach the juniors (www. ) We found it fiddly... and cant see how juniors could follow the instructions.
Overall a very good conference x

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Belinda said...

It's always exciting coming back to school fired up with new tools and ideas. The hard part is remembering to keep your purpose in mind. How will this tool enhance the learning for our students? Once you have the answers to this question it will clarify what needs to be done (how/when/where/who).